Concerts with Brandywine Baroque

I’ve just a completed three concerts with the Delaware based Brandywine Baroque.  It was a great experience and I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful musicians for the first time, including;

Cynthia Freivogel and Martin Davids, violins

Laura Heimes, soprano

Stephen Bard, oboe  & recorder

Owen Wilson, recorder

Eileen Grycky, flute

Donna Fournier, viola da gamba

Karen Flint, harpsichord

The program included a wide range of repertoire with the focus on the two violinists, hence the name of the concert “Dueling Violins,” which spanned the 16th and 17th Centuries.  This included works by Dario Castello, Salamone Rossi, Sigismondo d’India, Giovanni Battista Fontana, Petro Antonio Locatelli, Francesco Maria Veracini, and the great George Frederic Handel.

Stay tuned for another upcoming project Kleine Musik with Johanna Maria Rose.

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